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Recreational Classes

Recreational classes are designed for boys and girls ages 6 and up.  Classes are broken down by gender, age, and ability level, as well as taught in a progressive manner that allows each student to progress at their own pace. Students should register for their recommended level, and age group as of September 30th.  Tuition rates listed are per month and are charged on the 1st of the month for each month the student is enrolled.  September tuition is charged at the time of registration to hold the spot in the class.

Girls classes

Girls recreational classes follow the women's artistic gymnastics events; bars, beam, floor, and vault with an increased emphasis on strength, flexibility, form and technique as students progress.  

Girls Beginner 1

A great place to start for first-timers, or students moving up out of a preschool gymnastics program.  Students will be introduced to full-sized apparatus, and will learn foundational skills, terminology, and safety on bars, beam, floor and vault.  

Girls Beginner 2

This class is designed for students who have shown proficiency at the beginner 1 level.  Students should be able to independently execute a proper cartwheel, bridge, and basic rolls at this level, as well as be comfortable crossing the high beam, rotating around the bar, and proper use of a springboard.

Girls Intermediate

Students at this level should be able to perform a 1-handed cartwheel, and properly execute a backbend and bridge-kickover on an incline.  An independent pullover on the bars is recommended for this class, as well as a 30-second handstand hold against a wall, as more advanced bar circles, and inverted vault skills are introduced.  

Girls Advanced

Our advanced students are mastering their front and back walkovers, and are performing roundoffs fluently.  This class begins to work more dynamic skills such as front and back handsprings, as well as handstand flat-back vaults, and independent circling skills on bars.  Placement into this class should be by coaches recommendation only.  New students who may be eligible for this class, please contact the front desk to set up an evaluation

Boys Classes

Boys classes follow the men's artistic gymnastics events; vault, high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, and floor, with an emphasis on strength, flexibility and technique.  

Boys Beginner 1/2

This combined level class is working on cartwheels, handstands, forward, and backwards rolls, as well as working on foundational skills and series, safety, and terminology on the full-sized apparatus.  Trampolines are also used as a teaching tool and for added fun!

Boys Intermediate/

This class is designed for students who have shown mastery at the beginner 1/2 level.  Students will expand their level of difficulty across all events, as well as explore new skill variations.  Placement into this class should be by coaches recommendation only.  New students who may be eligible should contact the front desk to schedule an evaluation.  

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